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Hi! I'm Hila, a Web Designer living in Los Angeles, CA.
Nice to Meet You :)

I began my journey into web design in 1997 when I was tasked with designing a website for The Eltron Corporation (now Zebra Technologies). At the time I was working as the graphic designer for the company and was eager to apply my design skills in this new media frontier. Once I experienced all that the web had to offer, I was hooked. Fourteen years later, I am a freelance designer with a focus on helping clients develop a stunning online presence. I work with both small and large companies and have extensive knowledge in print media, web design, internet marketing and identity design.

With a firm understanding of the tremendous opportunities and endless possibilities a website has to offer, I formulate and implement creative solutions across every medium. My goal is to make a company shine and rise above the competition.

I earned a Marketing degree from the University of Louisville, and furthered my education at UCLA with courses in Design and Computer Graphics. I continue to educate myself in this fast growing field with workshops and seminars on related topics. I recently completed a Front End Web Development course at General Assembly. This website was my final project!

I pride myself on good service and communication. My goal is to help my clients succeed.



I bring my years of design knowledge to every project. I take time to understand my client's needs and develop a website that represents their vision.


I work with a large team of developers versed in a multitude of technologies including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, SQL, JQuery, CSS3 and many more.


I'll help you with every stage of the process. Once your site is perfect I'll help you get it launched and ensure everything is bug free. Your satisfaction is my number one goal!